What is Furniture Grade PVC?

Furniture Grade PVC is a superior form of PVC designed to build structures. Compared to what you will find on the shelves of your local Home Depot or Lowes in quality, build and functionality, Furniture Grade PVC is superior in every way. PVC products from hardware stores are coined as ‘Plumbing Grade’, which obviously means they are utilized for in-home and business plumbing use, which limits them to what they can do.

Furniture Grade PVC is an entirely different product with a different purpose. Designed to act like large Tinker Toy set, Furniture Grade PVC pipe and fittings allow you to build practically anything you can imagine with PVC pipe.

PVC Pipe Size Guide

Download our easy-to-use PVC Size Guide to find out your PVC pipe size.

Furniture Grade PVC Components

Furniture Grade PVC Fittings

3 Way PVC Fitting
4 Way PVC Fitting
5 Way PVC Fitting
Slip Sling Tee Fitting
PVC Cross
Standard PVC Tee
45 Degree Ell

Furniture Grade PVC Accessories

External PVC End Cap
Internal Dome Cap
Ball End Cap
Internal PVC Coupling
Table Cap
Caster Fitting Insert
Caster Pipe Cap
Fishmouth Adapter

Furniture Grade PVC Pipe

Gloss White PVC Pipe
Gloss Black PVC Pipe